Hello, and welcome to my website.

I’m Ekaterina Sedia, author of THE HOUSE OF DISCARDED DREAMS (2010), THE SECRET HISTORY OF MOSCOW (2007) and THE ALCHEMY OF STONE (2008). Additionally, I write short stories and edit an occasional anthology; I was also an interim non-fiction editor for Clarkesworld Magazine in the fall of 2008. I have an official blog, mirrored at LiveJournal. I’m also on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook.

I rarely blog about writing, but instead natter about things that happen to catch my attention — TV, books, fashion, food, cats… pretty much anything. The intersection between fashion industry and feminism is a bit of a hobbyhorse.

Other than writing, blogging and Tumblring, I teach, cook, garden, and take pictures of my cats. Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to drop me an email at katsedia@hotmail.com! I always enjoy hearing from readers.

My literary interests are represented by Jennifer Jackson of DMLA.

My latest book, Heart of Iron, was published in July 2011. I’m enormously excited about it; it’s an alternative history novel, and is dangerously close to a romp. Here’s the description:

“In a Russia where the Decembrists’ rebellion was successful and the Trans-Siberian railroad was completed before 1854, Sasha Trubetskaya wants nothing more than to have a decent debut ball in St. Petersburg. But her aunt’s feud with the emperor lands Sasha at university, where she becomes one of its first female students – an experiment, she suspects, designed more to prove female unsuitability for such pursuits than offer them education. The pressure intensifies when Sasha’s only friends – Chinese students – start disappearing, and she begins to realize that her new British companion, Jack, has bigger secrets than she can imagine! Sasha and Jack find themselves trying to stop a war brewing between the three empires. The only place they can turn to for help is the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace, newly founded by the Taiping rebels. Pursued by the terrifying Dame Florence Nightingale of the British Secret Service, Sasha and Jack escape across Siberia via train to China. Sasha discovers that Jack is not quite the person she thought he was…but then again, neither is she. ”

It’s available on Amazon.

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