Help the Discarded Dreams!

I was really reluctant to make this post, since I’ve never asked for anything like this before. But my book, The House of Discarded Dreams, could really use your help.

“Trying to escape her embarrassing immigrant mother, Vimbai moves into a dilapidated house in the dunes… and discovers that one of her new roommates has a pocket universe instead of hair, there’s a psychic energy baby living in the telephone wires, and her dead Zimbabwean grandmother is doing dishes in the kitchen. When the house gets lost at sea and creatures of African urban legends all but take it over, Vimbai turns to horseshoe crabs in the ocean to ask for their help in getting home to New Jersey. ”

For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to get as much traction as my previous books, despite many positive reviews. So I’m asking you to help if you’re so inclined. Link to this post, or point it out to people who might enjoy a book with horseshoe crab biology and based on immigrant experience, a book with a non-white protagonist and drawing from a culture rarely seen in fantasy. If you read it, please consider posting a review at Amazon or elsewhere. I know there are readers for this book — please help them find it!

For those who want to find out more, here’s a review at io9.

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  1. House of Discarded Dreams « Refracted Ambiguity with Polar Bear Says:

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  2. James Says:

    I have submitted my terrible little review to Amazon, which I’m not fond of doing, and it is free-floating around the blogosphere from my own review site, too. Hopefully the book does work up more discussion that it has received so far. It certainly deserves it.

    It strikes me that ‘little’ is not at all the proper word for my review…

  3. Administrator Says:

    Thank you for your review, James. It is much appreciated.

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